Upcoming Changes to Faculty Management Add-On: EthosCE 7.48

Global financial relationship management

Financial relationships will be collected and managed within each Faculty user’s account profile(/user/X/edit/disclosure). Faculty users must add all financial relationships within the last 24 months to the ‘Financial Relatoipnships’ tab within their account profile. Each faculty user’s financial relationship will be evaluated in each and every course the user has been added to as a faculty member.

Removing course level local disclosure fields from faculty forms

Course-specific disclosure forms will no longer be available for financial relationship collection. Each faculty user must complete their profile and add any and all financial relationships to their account. After a faculty user is linked to a course, the faculty user’s financial relationships will automatically appear within the course-level financial relationship mitigation strategy dashboard. Administrators may still create new faculty forms and edit existing faculty forms to collect external disclosure information or other data collection fields.

Financial Relationship mitigation strategy dashboard

When a faculty user has completed their account profile, added all financial relationships from the 24 months, and has been linked to a course as a faculty member, each financial relationship will show up on the financial relationship mitigation strategy dashboard for review. Faculty administrators must select one of the following financial relationship mitigation strategies which will display on the course faculty tab: Not relevant, Divest, Recusal, Peer Review, Attest, and Other. Financial relationships evaluated as Not relevant will not display on the course landing page faculty tab section

Optional faculty user review date specification

While ACCME’s Standards for Integrity and Independence require any faculty member’s financial relationships to be disclosed and reviewed every 24 months, we understand customers may want their faculty users to review their financial relationships more frequently. Upon request, EthosCE and set a specific time interval to prompt faculty users to review their financial relationships and update as needed. Please submit a support ticket to set a custom faculty relationship review interval on your instance of EthosCE.

Automated Faculty Tab display

When a relevant financial relationship has been mitigated by a faculty administrator, the faculty user’s financial relationship information will automatically display on the course landing page’s faculty tab. An additional link to the faculty user’s extended biography is available by clicking the faculty user’s name.

Additional FAQs

Please visit our faculty management upgrade FAQS here.