Webform Tokens

A token is a placeholder for data that is replaced with actual data. 

Tokens can be used in webforms to display a learner's response to a question on a later page.

For example, a question could ask a learner, "What barriers do you face in implementing these changes in your practice?" The user might enter, "I don't have enough time" as a response.

On the next page the webform could show text that said, "You stated 'I don't have enough time' as a barrier." The next question could be "How may we help you overcome that barrier?"

In the example, the text "I don't have enough time" was pulled dynamically from the response entered on the previous page and represented using a token.

Note that you will not be able to use a token when the question response it is representing appears on the same page as the component the token will be used in.

Webform tokens can be used in "Markup" components and in the confirmation message.

To put a webform token into a question:

  1. Load the webform to be edited.

  2. Click "Webform." 

  3. A list of form components should appear. Click "Edit" for the item that will be used for the token. Write down the name of the "Form key" as you will need it to create the token. 

  4. Click "Save component." The list of components will be displayed again.

  5. Assuming the markup component to use the token in already exists, click "Edit." If not, create it now. 

    1. If the token is to be used in the confirmation message, click "Settings" at the top of the page.

  6. Enter the token using the following format: [submission:values:?] where the question mark is replaced with the form key. The following options are available:

    • the question key for just that one question (grid components).

    • the option key for just that one option (grid and select components).

    • :nolabel for the value without the label (the default).

    • :label for just the label.

    • :withlabel for both the label and value together.

    • :key for just the key in a key|label pair (grid and select components).