Conditional Webform Components

A webform can be configured so that only some options are presented based off of a learner's previous form values.

Here is an example which will ask if the learner wishes to share their email address, then will present an input form conditionally based on the selection.

To set up a conditional Webform component:

  1. Navigate to a Webform.

  2. Click the "Webform" tab.

  3. Create a Select option component labeled "Do you wish to share your e-mail address?"

  4. In the "Options" textarea, enter this value:

  5. Click the "Save component" button.

  6. Create an E-mail component to ask for the learner's e-mail.

  7. Click the "Conditionals" sub tab.

  8. Next to the "Add a new condition" text, click the "+" button.

  9. Configure the new conditional rule to read:
    If <Do you wish to share your e-mail address?> <is> <Yes>
    then <show> <E-mail>

  10. Click the "Save conditions" button.

When filling out the Webform, the e-mail field will only be visible if the learner checks "Yes".

Conditional components can be also separated with a Page break form component.