Course Relationship Add-On

This is an add-on feature. Please contact your Product Specialist for more information.

Course relationships are a powerful tool for creating complex and robust courses.

Because of the many features available, make sure to fully test courses before publishing them to learners.

While you are free to create multi-leveled relationships within the system, our recommendation is to use only two-level relationships (parent/child). Support services can only provide assistance with two-level relationships unless your support agreement includes advanced relationships.


Course relationships are linked courses in an hierarchical tree: Courses in a course relationship have at least one parent course and one or more child courses. For example:

Parent Course

--Child Course

--Child Course

--child Course

--Child Course

Putting courses into a course relationship allows for the creation of more complex learning activities such as curricula, conferences, multi-day-instructor-led training, etc.

Once grouped, additional features for those activities become available. 

Course relationships:

  • Allow for a single certificate to be awarded after completing the specified required child activities.

  • Allow each child activity to have its own certificate.

  • If using a single certificate on the parent, enforce that the learner must complete the child activities in order or allow the learners to complete them in arbitrary order.

  • Allow users to purchase or enroll in only all the child activities together, or only individually, or provide an option for either purchasing together or individually.

  • Allow users to receive a discount for purchasing the entire group.

  • Allow for users to purchase a parent and receive access to all existing and future child courses.

  • Allow users to claim immediate credit.

  • Allow for credit to be aggregated to the parent from child courses.

  • Allow users to only enroll in the specified number of children and no more. For example, to prevent learners from enrolling into concurrent activities.