Course enrollments provide a way to gauge learner participation and quickly see where they are in the course progress. To view a list of enrollments in a course:

  1. Navigate to the course

  2. Click the "Enrollments" tab.


  • Name - Links to user profile

  • E-mail - Links to a new email message to the selected user.

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Enrollment created - Indicates when either the site administrator enrolls learner into the course, or when learner enrolls.

  • Enrollment started - Indicates when learner enters the course workflow

  • Enrollment ends - Learner is given an enrollment end date typically when a duration is set on the course.

  • Attended

  • Type - Indicates the way the learner was enrolled into the course, possible values:

    • Self - For a free course, a learner enrolled themselves

    • Ubercart - For a paid course, the learner completed checkout.

    • Course Signup - This is from an external enrollment, most likely from an SMS enrollment as part of an RSS series

    • Course Signup Code - Entering an attendance code via the course landing page form.

    • Course Waitlist - Enrolled after being added to the course waitlist

    • Bulk enrollment -  An enrollment that is set from using the View Bulk Operation  

    • Course Record Import - Enrollment from a course import record

    • Course Relationship - Enrollment set via a course relationship tree

      • Parent Relationship - Descending Enrollment in a child course when the parent is configured to enroll in all child activities.

      • Child Relationship - A parent course enrollment, where the parent is configured as parent or child enrollment.

      • Recurring Relationship - Enrolled automatically by the system when a user was enrolled in a parent, but is missing auto enrollments in some children. A typical case is when a Child course was added after the user's enrollment

    • Manual - A self enrollment or admin enrollment for some legacy EthosCE 6 courses that were upgraded.