Course Prerequisites

  • Course-completion enrollment requirements: Sets one or more courses as a prerequisite for enrollment. Learners will not be able to enroll until the prerequisite is complete. Courses must already exist to enter them as prerequisites. Restricting enrollment based on course completion prerequisites.

  • Corequisites: Allows for a relationship between courses that requires enrollment in one course before permitting enrollment in the other course. Restricting enrollment based on corequisites. 

  • Access code: Entering text in this field restricts enrollment to learners who have the access code. Learners must enter the access code in a field that displays on the landing page in order to enroll. Restricting enrollment by password.

  • Restrict enrollment to roles: Restricts enrollment to learners who have the selected role(s). Check the checkbox next to the role name to allow enrollment of learners with that role. Roles that are unchecked will not be able to enroll. Restricting enrollment by role.

  • Course Disqualifier: Restricting enrollment by course disqualifier prevents users from enrolling in a course based upon their previous completion of another course in the system. Restricting enrollment by course disqualifier.